What is Spiritual Coaching?



The word Spiritual comes from the word Spirit. in the Latin meaning of the word, it comes from Spirituous which means to breath. So breathing is directly related to our feeling “ALIVE”

Being in touch with our Spirits is vital to living a balanced, peaceful, calm life.

Many people find it difficult to commit themselves to anything. They are hesitant, indecisive, tentative, fearful and they are afraid of any responsibility. Being spiritual means you believe that there is more than meets the eye. You are aware of and are concerned about your inner life, which involves a higher level of consciousness with a quest for knowledge and you want to honor the intangible things in life. You value things such as truth, integrity, compassion, love and empathy. Being spiritual is understanding that self-love and the love of others is of the utmost importance.

“Modern spirituality is centered on the "deepest values and meanings by which people live."

Secular spirituality emphasizes humanistic ideas on moral character (qualities such as love, compassion, patience, tolerance, forgiveness, contentment, responsibility, harmony, and a concern for others).” Wikepedia

Spirituality is a holistic quality whereby people search for more meaning in life. This is a universal human experience that touches all of humanity.

Key Characteristics of a Spiritual person


Who needs Spiritual coaching?

Are you feeling anxious and unsettled for not apparent reason?
Do you lack a continued regular feeling of peace?
Are you coping with a major change or uncertainty?
Do you have wealth, and an accumulation of things, but feel dissatisfied, ambivalent and disconnected from life?

How does Spiritual Coaching work?

Together we help you find peace, purpose and potential.

We investigate where and what areas of your life that you lack total commitment to connecting with your spirit, a higher power, the universe and the spirit of the creator.

Peace is a by-product of giving your trust over to a higher power. In spiritual coaching, we use prayer, guided meditation and silent meditation as some of the vehicles to communicate and create a relationship with the higher power inside and outside of ourselves.

Why Life Coaching?

Many people lack the inner discipline necessary to stay on track towards their objectives. Others may benefit from Coaching with just a little bit of direction. People who seek out Life Coaching make a valuable investment in themselves to support their well-being, career success and overall happiness.

Astrid recognized early in life that she was fascinated by the "Human Condition" and the drivers and motivations that make people tick. In her career as a Leader of teams and a mentor to others, she realized that helping people to heal was a passionate part her Life Purpose.

As a Corporate Executive, Certified Life Coach (CLC) and Certified Yoga Teacher (500hr RYT), Astrid brings the learnings from these portals together to create a unique synergistic style of Coaching. She addresses the person’s internal and external layers, helping clients to uncover the root causes that hold them back and then partners with them to create specific action steps that bring about lasting and satisfying changes.