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Conscious Opportunities Thru Awareness

About COTA Life

COTA Life is a Spiritual Lifestyle portal for seekers on the path to creating a connection with a their divine power, the universal life-force, mystery, alchemy, wisdom, selfmastery, knowledge, wisdom and the unique gifts and qualities that God created in each of us to express in this lifetime.

Joseph Campbell said: “It is a privilege of a life-time, being who you are.”

It is my life’s work to help you find, see and own this privilege

Being conscious and having self-awareness are currently in vogue terms in our society. These qualities are so lacking and so needed in our society. I believe that each person is good and light inside, but must work in earnest to let that light shine!

Astrid has long been considered a powerful voice in the Yoga and wellness community. Her unique teaching style of using messages while leading students through Yoga Asana flows, mapped her globally as an inspirationalist in the yoga community.

She recognized early in life that she was fascinated by the "Human Condition" and the drivers and motivations that make people tick. In her career as a Leader of teams and a mentor to others, she realized that helping people to heal was a passionate part her Life Purpose.

The Cota Life website is Astrid’s vision, muse and life portal that brings access to her work, wisdom and philosophies.

COTA Life is a place to learn, celebrate others, buy unique goods and work with Astrid in Life, Spiritual and Corporate coaching.