MUDRAS  are Yoga poses or gestures practiced with your hands. 

Our hands are energy maps of our consciousness and health. The areas of the hands corresponds to certain areas of the body, emotions and behaviors. By touching, curling, crossing, stretching and crossing the fingers and palms, thru our hands we talk to our bodies and minds.

Holding mudras is a technique for giving messages that are clear to the mind/body energetic system.

Mudras are a powerful way to bring focused attention to heal, balance and open meridians in the mind and body. There are hundreds of hand SEALS or SYMBOLS, that tie directly with the life-force energy centers in your body such as the Nadis, Chakras and meridians.

There are numerous resources to learn about the mudras. My all-time favorite is a Mudra deck created by Gertrude Hirschi 68 MUDRAS for Body, Mind, and Spirit. Please see the link below to purchase the deck.


Self Realization and Fellowship Temple grounds- Pacific Palisades, CA

Life is filled with challenges and obstacles. In the long version of the Serenity Prayer, there is a statement: "Accepting that hardship is a pathway to peace". Life can be very demanding and requires strength and courage. We are told that the mind holds the secret to our balance, our ease and our acceptance of the things we cannot change. 

Mudras are yet another tool that supports our life, located in our own hands.