Mantra= Man=Mind, Manas + Tra=transport or vehicle or tool

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Most people are familiar with the Mantra OM.

What most people don't understand about Om is that it is not pronounced like saying Ommmmm. Its sound is actually "AUM" and has 4 distinct tiers to it.

1. Ahhhhhhh- like stretching the mouth open in a yawn
2. Ohhhhhhh- forming the mouth and lips in a circle
3. Hummmmmming the final sound as the lips close
4. Silence- As in music, it is the silence between the notes that produce the sound

Om is considered the first primordial sound ever uttered or heard. Om is associated with creating language. One of the best things I have ever read about OM, is that whatever it follows becomes strengthened or empowered.. For example, after a yoga practice, many teachers close or seal the practice with the mantra Om. Trying ending your meditation session with Om.

Om clears energy in the chakras and the auric energetic body. Practice this beautiful simple mantra regularly and your outlook has no choice but to shift.


It is VERY IMPORTANT to and feel the vibration of the mantra, whether or not you know what it means. Understanding its meaning and intention helps you to make a quicker connect learn the meaning of a mantra, in order to experience the full benefits of this practice.


Does SCIENCE back-up the benefits of MANTRA?

Many studies have been conducted on the benefits of Mantra and Chanting.

1.  Relieves stress
2.  Slows down breathing
3.  Regulates the heart-rate
4.  Stimulates circulation
5.  Increases immune function and lowers blood pressure
6.  Aids metabolism
7. Enhances positive alpha, gamma and delta brainwaves that occur during relaxation
8. Releases Endorphins- the "feel good" hormones

Mantra is a powerful modality to add to your life. The key is consistency. Aiken to regular daily exercises needed to keep the body strong and fit, so it is with Mantra. 



What is MANTRA?

Mantras are a series of words or phrases that are spoken out loud, repeated silently or sung. Mantras are not just as simple as repeating a phrase or word over and over again. What makes it a mantra is the energy and spiritual connect you make while reciting it.

Chanting a mantra is one the most enjoyable ways to partake in the practice.

It has been said that like Asanas are to the body, that MANTRA'S postures for the mind. Mantra is a powerful spoken, silent or sung vibration. In most spiritual traditions, Mantras are the basis for scriptures and prayers.

Chanting mantras have been used since the beginning of  time. Mantra connects with the subconscious mind, where we can make the necessary changes to shift our thinking. Our conscious minds are designed to doubt and hold on to worry and fear, whereby the unconscious (Higher Self) never gives up on us.

The process is a subtle way of influencing the consciousness. Mantra penetrates and permeates the field of consciousness.

The mind can be compared to the old floppy disk CD. The disk has a limited amount of space. When it is filled, nothing can be added. The mind works in a similar fashion. Only so much can be stored that is useful. 

When we begin to shift and better ourselves through mental clarity, meditation, positive thinking, and even gratitude, we start to create space on the disk of the mind.

The complexity arises because we need to fill this space, or this gap with something positive, otherwise our negative thinking or thoughts of lack jump into the space. Mantra literally "holds the space" and literally drowns out the voices in our heads. When negative thoughts are suppressed, room is created for the positive thoughts.

When our brain receives information through song, dance, community and music, it triggers our right brain-creative non-linear, ,mythic, symbolic and activates “whole brain activity”-integrating the right and left hemisphere of the brain. Many wisdom teachings, scriptures and allegories are passed down primarily through song and music.- Ashly Turner ( Yoga, Psyche, Soul)
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What is Mantra? Mantra is two words: Man and Tra. Man means mind. Tra means the heat of life. Ra means sun. So, Mantra is a powerful of words which, if recited, takes the vibratory effect of each of your molecules, into the infinity of the Cosmos. So that’s the power of Mantra, because Mantra moves the elements-all five elements, plus heavens plus the earth.” Yogi Bhajan