Living Outrageously

“Divine order says that the perfect solution to any problem is already selected if you allow yourself to be guided; Divine Source says there is a natural Universal Abundance that knows how to meet every need. Harmonizing with this force of Love-call it the Shakti, God, Goddess, One Mind, whatever you will-is the golden key to everything. If a state of radical openness, acceptance, and attention is held.”  Tosha Silver

During the times when I without question follow the guidance that I receive in the moment, it I always transformative. This happened almost a month ago when I accepted a spontaneous offer from my friend Norma to visit Santa Barbara for the day. My answer was an immediate “YES”, as I remembered that Santa Barbara holds a special place in my life. It is a beautiful area, that is one of my sacred homes away from home.

We began by visiting the incredible, amazing THE SACRED SPACE. The Sacred Space is an extraordinary spiritual shop and haven nestled just outside of Santa Barbara in Summerland. They have created the most exceptional environment in the shop and subsequent outdoor garden oasis and foliage that is internally and externally a part of your experience. It is an indescribable experience. You feel like you have arrived in Bali, Nepal, India or some other sacred land in the world. They graciously offer you a tea ceremony, where you can relax and sit amidst the gardens. This is a must do destination visit, or a required stop on your way to Santa Barbara. Please visit

After selecting a beautiful incense holder and making my way towards the front to pay, Tosha Silva’s bright yellow book “Outrageous Openness-Letting The Divine Take The Lead, caught my eye. I said to my friend out loud, “This book is for me”. Once I reading the quote on the back of the book: (“What if the Divine is constantly igniting roadside flares to get our attention? What if there actually is a Supreme Organizing Principle with an unbridled sense of humor? And if we each have this ardent inner suitor who’s writing us love letters every day that often go unopened?”) I was floored and purchased it right away.

I devoured the book in about 5 days filled with hilarious stories, anecdote’s and universal messages.

The below excerpt from the book is great insight into Tosha’s work, and truly an amazing message for this week. Read and absorb and I am certain this will be the start of a refreshed perspective.

 Something happens after you align with the Divine for a while.

You begin to feel on a cellular level
that things are unfolding exactly
in the way that they should
At the rate and timing they need.

You start to trust the process.

You relax from the endless pushing
that most of us learned at birth.
On some fundamental, mysterious level,
you just let go.

Now with that bitterness people feel
when they fear the (ego’s) dreams won’t occur.
Not with passivity
as right actions do get shown

Rather you relax into this calm curiosity
about where the flow might go.
You’re detached yet somehow riveted
by how the story will unfold
You feel spaciously receptive
and open to what wishes to come

You give it all room to blossom.
You trust the highest,
one way or another,
eventually will unfold.

You know that with God as your source
you needn’t cling to any one plan
And you’re not clutching a list of desires,
pushing the ego’s agenda even more.

When you’re in cycles of quiet and waiting,
you catch your breath
knowing the wheel again will turn.

You rest because as the right actions
get revealed
a lot will arise to be done.
You wait for the signs and the timing
rather than rip open the cocoon.

You trust that delays might be welcome.
You trust that delays can be good.
You trust that delays are all perfect.

And you stay present
just to witness

Your own birth

Tosha runs an on-line school dedicated to these ideas called “Think Like a Goddess.” Please visit for more information.